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The 2017 Scott's Addition Pumpkin Festival Costume Contest Details/Rules


Costume Contest Sign-ups will start at 12pm at the

Project Local Tent near the Maola Local Dairies Main Stage.


Sign up for each category (kids, adults and pets) will end at 2pm - no exceptions.

The maximum number of entries for each category is 20.


The contest line-up will be as follows:


Kids Costume Contest (2:15pm)

Kids are to be at the stage at 2pm.

Ages are up to 12 years old.


Pets Costume Contest (2:45pm)

Pets are to be at the stage at 2:30pm.


Adults Costume Contest (3:15pm)

Adults are to be at the stage at 3pm.

Ages are 13 years and up.


If you are not at the stage when your category begins,

you forfeit your spot and will not be allowed to participate - no exceptions.


Winner will be chosen by audience applause.


Only 1 winner/prize per category.


All decisions are final.


But the most important rule - HAVE FUN!!!

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